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Make your move eco friendly

With earth day coming up and the real estate market bounding into its busy season, you may be considering how to combine the two and make your move eco friendly! All the cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, and toxic fumes can add up… but there are some easy ways to minimize your moving footprint.

  1. Pack Your Bags

eco friendly packing

Instead of using disposable cardboard boxes, search your home for box-like receptacles and use those for your big move instead! Storage bins, duffle bags, rolling suitcases, large tupperware and keepsake boxes are just a few examples of the hidden gems just waiting to make their debut as moving boxes.

  1. Hunt for Boxes

Green packing

Are all of your containers and tubs already full and ready for moving day? Look outside your

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April Real Estate Market Report

Spring brings about a real estate buzz like no other Colorado season. With the temps climbing and the sun shining, the Denver real estate market has warmed up as well. In fact, the warming of the market started early this year, with February indicating a busy home market to come. 2018 could be shaping up to beat records… just like the years preceding it.

Active Inventory Driving Sellers’ Market

March saw an increase in active listings of 13% over February, but a slight decrease as compared to March of 2017. The month over month listing growth is typical of march, though the decrease since last year shows that inventory is tighter than ever.

Home Prices Continue to Climb

If you’ve been keeping up on the Denver real estate market for

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denver street sweeping

It’s officially springtime in Denver, Colorado, and with the blossoming trees and warming temps comes the dreaded street sweeping. If you live or work near the metropolitan area (Downtown, Capitol Hill, Rhino, The Highlands, etc.), you know the feeling of making your way to your car only to discover that little yellow envelope tucked into your door frame… the one that costs you $50 and induces frustration like only a parking ticket can (as of 2018). As the street sweepers begin their full April invasion, don’t forget to sign up for Denver’s reminder tool so that you can avoid that unnecessary yellow envelope.

Sign up for PocketGov, Denver’s notification service that can remind you of your street sweeping day(s) each month. The process may take

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This year marks the 40th anniversary of Denver Metro Association of Realtors' Excellence Awards. The Excellence Awards recognize the top producers in the industry.   Live Urban Real Estate couldn't be happier to congratulate the 24 hard-working real estate agents who earned 2018 DMAR excellence awards!    DMAR-excellence-awards-2018  

Platinum Level; $20M-$30M

Ken Greenfield  

Silver Level: $10M-$15M

Live Denver Team: Sara Murdoch and Sandi Klatt  

Bronze Level: $4M-$10M

Alli Aman Susan Adams Ryan Belinak Maribeth Dirksen-Turse Min Kaess Paul Kourkoulis Jen Larsen Brown Nicole Luna Randy Juden Kelly Kozlowski Jill Mant Jana Miller Rebekah Robinson Stacey Rohrer Ash Sabados Tammy Morran Liz…
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summer concerts in denver 

One of the best experiences of summertime is attending a concert with the stars overhead and a light summer breeze sweeping through the crowd. We’re lucky to live in a place with so many awe-inspiring outdoor concert venues and the best climate for an evening show. If you haven’t experienced the following venues for outdoor concerts in Denver, add them to your bucket list this summer!

Denver Botanic Gardens

1007 York St, Denver, CO 80206

summer concerts in denver - botanic gardens

The Denver Botanic Gardens is arguably the most intimate and enchanting setting for summer concerts in Denver. Plan to arrive early with your concert blanket and picnic basket to claim the best spot on the grassy hill overlooking the stage. While many of the outdoor venues allow outside food, Denver

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home insurance review 

Homeowners insurance is for the what-ifs and hope-nots, but that doesn’t mean it should be ignored. In fact, a home insurance review could save you money by ensuring that you are taking advantage of every discount. Insurance needs can also change over time and a small oversight could lead to a big gap in coverage. To make sure that your policy is a perfect fit, a home insurance review is a smart exercise. It is especially beneficial if you’ve acquired expensive sports equipment over the years, inherited family heirlooms, or remodeled your home recently.

Before digging in to our list and making the call to your insurance agent, it’s a good idea to take inventory of your home and belongings. A photographic inventory of your possessions will help you

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balcony garden denver 

Creating a balcony garden is an easy way to increase your curb appeal, and to green up an otherwise underutilized space. Many flowering annuals, bulbs, vegetables, herbs, and even small shrubs can survive quite well in containers and pots, serving as an invaluable addition to your balcony or outdoor space. They can be a focal point for entertaining guests and family, can provide you with fresh cuttings of herbs–think parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme–or maybe just aid in the creation of a quiet place for contemplation.

Whichever the case, here is a mini guide on how to create an urban balcony garden for your outdoor space in Denver.

1. Assess Your Outdoor Space

The first step in planning any balcony garden is assessing your site conditions.

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Change the face of Denver Real Estate

Last month, the average Denver single family home price exceeded half a million dollars. This local milestone represents years worth of equity climbs, low inventory, and the changing Mile High City as a whole.

According to Susan Adams, "For the first time ever, our average home prices exceeded $500,000. This isn't especially surprising given the record home prices, low inventory, and high demand that we've seen for the last few years."

metro denver March 2018 market report metro denver luxe March 2018 market report

Since 2014, Metro Denver has seen record high home prices and record low days on market... especially in the entry-level and more affordable home sectors. This steep climb into Denver’s current [intense] seller’s market is due largely to the area’s listing shortage. There are far too few homes on the

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Seasonality in the denver real estate market

With Denver's booming home sales and the strong seller's market, both buyers and sellers are curious as to when to jump into the pool of residential real estate. Should they paddle around in the shallow end to test the waters before buying or selling or sit on the edge awaiting the perfect moment to jump in?

Luckily, seasonality in the Denver real estate market is about as predictable as the likelihood of a messy splash from a cannonball at the local pool. Whether the market is up or down, metro Denver listings and sales tend to follow the same trends year after year. Our glance-worthy infographic will help you navigate timing in the Denver real estate market so that you don't have to waste time dipping your toe into the kiddie side of the housing

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Premium home prices across Colorado’s Front Range have had buyers in a pinch for the past five years. Those seeking an affordable home in or around Denver have struggled through stressful multiple offers and price tags that they simply couldn’t afford. Real estate experts agree that this extreme seller’s market is due mostly to the area’s listing shortage. 

Colorado Ballot Measure 66 

And yet, a ballot measure is working its way into the November elections that would limit new housing growth to 1% or less of the existing homes in Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas, El Paso, Jefferson, Larimer, and Weld counties. Colorado initiative #66 would clearly have a wide-reaching impact on Denver’s housing market.

In a recent update, as reported by The Denver

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