Recycle Your Unwanted Electronics in Denver

Posted by Melinda Yeary on Thursday, October 3rd, 2013 at 10:29am.

Do you know what to do with your unwanted TVs, monitors, VCRs and other electronics?

As of July 1st, Colorado has banned the disposal of electronic devices of all types in Colorado landfills (in accordance with the Recycling Jobs Act) and the city will no longer accept these devices in the trash. So, what are we to do with them? RECYCLE!

Electronic recycling is important for many reasons, including: reducing our need to mine and extract more natural resources to make electronics, a safe way to dispose of these devices, and finding a way to reuse the materials. Denver is innovative in its approach and has partnered with Metech Recycling, a local ‘E-Steward Certified’ Electronic Recycler, qualified to uphold the highest standard of environmental and social responsibility. Metech will recycle the devices and make use of the salvage.

Note that recycling electronics is not free. The cost to dismantle equipment into various materials is labor intensive and expensive, especially for televisions and monitors. For a limited time, both Best Buy and Staples offers free electronics recycling at their stores. In addition, Metech Recycling is currently offering Denver residents up to 75% off by requesting a coupon from the city’s recycling website

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