Sloan’s Lake & East Sloan’s Lake ‘Tipping Point’

Posted by Melinda Yeary on Wednesday, February 26th, 2014 at 6:43am.

The “tipping point” has arrived in East Sloan’s Lake neighborhood.  Many thought it would happen ‘someday’ where the area would experience resurgence, and now it is clear, that day has come!

Twelve new construction projects, currently being constructed in the area near 17th and Federal and Sloan’s Lake. These projects are as diverse in range as a new city library, to the many multi-unit, modern properties, priced in the $500’s.

In addition, Two large city projects: Light Rail is completed and has been operating just blocks south, stopping at 13th and Federal with vast outreach and the planning/development of a new Sloan’s Lake City Center at the former St. Anthony’s Hospital site. All of this has created an exciting ‘buzz’ for the area.

With a location central to downtown Denver and Highland’s shopping district, as well as Sloan’s Lake and Jefferson Park, this area is a desirable location and soon will have the modern properties that many newcomers to the Highlands area are looking for.

I have lived in the area for 13 years and always felt it was an ‘up & coming” area- However, once the stop lights in four locations on Irving Street were replaced by 4-way Stop signs, it started to feel like the neighborhood flow of traffic and energy was changing.

 At the corner of Irving Street and 17th Avenue, two properties were recently bulldozed and many modern units will take their place.  The race is on, as opposing construction crews attempt to get their project completed before the end of spring, racing to the finish line.

I'm Melinda Yeary, and I am a pioneer of the East Sloan’s Lake area and would love to help you explore the properties and all the area has to offer. Contact me for more information.

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